Daf :

Daf Daf

A large frame drum stretched with goat or synthetic skin. What distinguishes the Kurdish daf from other wooden frame drums is a row of chains on the inside rim. These chains create a unique, captivating sound and vibration that is specific to the daf. Well-known daf makers in Kurdistan are Mr. Eghbaali, Mr. Mohammadi and Mr. Habibi.


Tonbak :

Tonbak tonbak

A single-headed, goblet-shaped drum with a wood shell and a sheepskin or cow skin drumhead. It is carved from a single block of walnut or mulberry wood. The roll and snap technique used for playing the tonbak is unique to this drum. Well-known tonbak makers in Iran are Helmi, Hemati, Shirani.


Dayre :

Dayereh dayereh

Dayre means circle in Iran. It is a frame drum with goat or synthetic skin. A well-known dayere maker in Iran is Mr. Helmi.




Dohol :

Dohol dohol

A large double-headed cylindrical drum stretched with goat skin. Skin thicknesses on each side of the dohol vary. One side has a thicker skin and is played with a thick stick to create a low bass pitch. The other side has a thinner skin and is played with a thin stick to create a high pitched sound. The dohol is usually accompanied by a wind instrument such as the sorna or karna.


Naqare of Mazandaran or the Dosarkotan :

Naqare Naqare

This drum consists of two separate clay bowls covered with goat skins and attached to each other as one piece. It is played by two wooden sticks.